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Hello Lovelies,
Sorry I have not posted since last week, I have come back to the UK for a visit!! I arrived on Sunday morning at 7:30am and I am still trying to get my head around not living here. I feel like I have woken up from a dream and the past 5 months have just been all a good dream. I am starting to get my head around that I am just visiting the UK and will be going home in 4 weeks.
One thing that I was excited for about the visit back here is the shopping. I thought that I would be able to shop for summer stuff and stock up on my bikinis but I have failed in my first attempt. I dragged my boyfriend around Meadowhall to help me find bikinis but I had no luck... where did they all go!? When did all the shops get filled with fur coats and winter boots!? I knew there would not be loads and that the majority would be in the sale but I couldn't even find any in the sale! I had a look in River Island, New Look, Debenhams and Primark but could not find anything. As a final thought on the way home I decided to give at Matalan a quick try and to my surprise I got a really nice bikini for only £14!!! After searching through Meadowhall with no luck I was half expecting all winter stuff in Matalan too but I was so excited to find they still had quite a lot of swimwear left.
This is the bikini I got... Its a beautiful simple black number with gold detailing on the strap. The top was £8 and the bottoms were £6... what a bargain!
Shapewear Black Moulded Bikini Top
 Fold Over Control Bikini Briefs
I go through bikinis like there is no tomorrow, because I live by a beach I wear them everyday to swim so they wear out very easy. I live in Dubai and believe it or not it is hard to find bikinis there so I was very excited to come back to the UK to stock up...
As I failed at shopping I decided to give online shopping ago, again I couldn't find a lot, all the ones I liked either had just tops or just bottoms! I finally found a few from Red Herring at Debenhams which I have on order so will show you all once they arrive. These were such a good price 3 bikinis for just over £20!!! So fingers crossed they all fit!
I am really struggling to find the swimwear and beachwear here in the UK so if anyone knows of any good shops or websites please let me know, I would really appreciate it.
I hope you are all well. I will do another post with the bikinis once they arrive and give you all abit of information on them.
Hope you are all well.
Samantha Louise XX


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