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Hello Beauties,
Sorry for the lack of posts the past few weeks, I have been so busy with coming out to Dubai. Once I have everything sorted I will post more about whats going on, its very long and very complicated.
Anyway since I have been back I have been creating some different looks and trying out some new techniques. One of my favourites is this look...
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Using a range of blue eye shadows I created this bright blue look. I would say this look is slightly more targeted to winter but by adding the bright pink lips you can get away with wearing it in the sun.
The second look I am loving right now is the purples...
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I have found that I can get away with wearing purple with almost everything! It is a great alternative to the black smokey eye when you are wanting something a little more subtle. It also adds a little pop of colour and it goes really well with gold shimmer!!!
Since been back in Dubai I have been job hunting so I decided to share with you my classic interview look...
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You can not go wrong with a simple makeup look when attending an interview. I used a base colour on my eyes adding depth with a light brown in my crease. I then used a brown gel liner to line my lashes and add a slight wing. For the lower lashes I lined with a little of the light brown then added mascara to the lower lashes.
When going to an interview I always wear a nude lip, this eliminates the risk of lipstick on the teeth or with the bleeding around the mouth. I find that when I am nervous I don't tend to check the makeup and bright pink teeth is not a good look.
In Dubai it is that hot that nail varnish tends to melt so when I cam back from the UK I brought my gel polish. Since been back I have used Nubar polish and Shellac polish... both of which has melted a little quite quick. I think I am going to try and find Gelish polish out here as this is the one which is used most and tents to last quite well. Anyway these are a couple of looks I have had since been back...
Download image.jpeg (580.0 KB)

Download image.jpeg (644.0 KB)

Hopefully soon everything will be sorted and I can create posts on a regular basis. I hope you are all good and if you have any tips about the gel polish and the heat please message me :)
Samantha Louise XXX


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