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Hello Beautifuls,

I hope you are all good and are enjoying the week. This is a post with a few pictures from my new camera. I treated myself to a Samsung WB100F and I love it! I was looking at the DSLR cameras but I wanted something small enough to carry around with me when I go out. I had a play around with this one and the ictures were great and the functions were good too so I decided to go for it. It has wifi so I can get my pictures to my phone, social media and email instantly which I didn't realise would be so useful. The wifi tool is fantastic, I would highly recommend investing in one with this. I can now take some good (well hopefully good) pictures for here. Here are a few pictures from this week.
My wearable smokey eye, I wear this when I am going out in the day to somewhere where I want to be slightly dressed up. This week I visited Dubai's OTB Market and decided to go a little bit glam. I think I may do a tutorial on how I did this eye as it is smokey but still very wearable. 
 This is the overall look that I ended up with for Dubai's OTB Market. I wanted to make a bit of an effort so decided to glam up a bit. After the market I went over to Dubai mall for a food with my boy! 
 For Christmas I had gel on my nails so I wouldn't have to do them when I was back at home. Normally when I take gel off my nails are a little weak and tend to break a little but with this gel I am amazed at how my nails have turned out! They are so long and so strong, they haven't been like this in years! Here they are all plain and natural... 
After having them natural for a couple of weeks my friend offered to gel them for me. I took her up on the offer and I am in love with the results! She used Icon gel in heather, it is such a beautiful colour and I think I may have found my perfect nude! I am super excited about the length too they look so neat.
 This is my little makeup desk...I say little after training in beauty and makeup this slightly less than I am used to. As an expat I have limited stuff that I can bring out here but I am doing quite well as makeup took a priority in my case. I found these amazing drawers at Muji in Dubai Mall, they are perfect for storing all of my cosmetics. My lamp has lights around it and was a Christmas present from my mum, this is so helpful and is from No.7 in Boots. My storage drawers are from ikea and were super cheap and of course I had to have a picture of my family on there. All in all I am quite pleased with my new makeup desk! 
After suffering with depression for 8 years I am on the road to recovery but I still have down days. I have been having a few down days recently so my mum has decided to send me quotes of the day to keep me inspired and positive. Here are a few of my quotes of the day from the past few days. 

These quotes really help me, when I am feeling down I look at them and remember to pick myself up. I will do a post on my depression as it has been a long journey which I am still struggling with and I want to share my experience with others and hopefully help some people! 
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend... Here in Dubai my weekend is Friday and Saturday so tomorrow is the last day of the working week! 
Lots of Love &Hugs 
Samantha Louise XX 





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